gold name necklace Once this necklace was very powerful

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gold name necklace Once this necklace was very powerful, it is no exaggeration to say that when the mage saw it, he had to run. At that time, white tiger tooth necklace warriors and priests could be used. The only thing missing was the mage. It used to be the best equipment in the minds of countless players, but then it was reduced to spreading goods. So what is it that makes the status of the white tiger tooth necklace plummet? Everyone knows The main role of Tao White Tiger Tooth Necklace is to dodge magic damage. It can be said that it is the nemesis of the mage player, especially in the PK, the mage was more afraid of the fighters. The fighters at the time were more scary after the necklace, so they did n’t need The skill of evading the mage is directly fired and assassinated, making the mage player miserable.

Everyone knows that the most important thing in Legend Three is the balance of the game, which restricts each other. Once this balance is broken, players will complain, and the occupation ratio will be unbalanced, and everyone will switch to playing that powerful profession. Therefore, it was impossible for the official at that time to keep the white tiger tooth necklace strong, and it was impossible for the warrior to suppress the mage. Officially finally Acting, the white tiger tooth necklace could not carry the official big patch and was severely weakened. Originally, it could evade 80% of the mage's thunder and lightning. After weakening, there was no way to evade it. It could only evade the skills of some groups.

Therefore, the white tiger tooth necklace custom name rings has changed from a popular item to an out-of- favorite item that has been broken into the cold palace. Many players will not use it after it has been weakened, and soon it will become a stall. Its price also changed from the previous high-priced equipment to the later Baiji, and the mage player is no longer afraid of it. After it was cut, many mage players are celebrating happily, and finally they can turn around.No need to be bullied by soldiers all the time.Xiao Pan remembered that after it was cut, a buddy gave me one. Although it was no longer great at that time, I was still very happy, because I did n’t have it when it was great. Unfortunately, I could n’t experience it. Strong.

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